Intel Will Also Make Arm Processors, Now They Are Closer To Apple

The news was taking time to jump, and it is that the continuous rumors that Intel could be the new partner for Apple’s mobile processors, have finally made us know of Intel’s interest in manufacturing ARM processors.

Through the Altera company , at a recent ARM developer conference, they have announced that their partner Intel will begin manufacturing processors with ARM designs throughout 2014, and that it will do so for third parties. Possibly Apple will be your best customer.

We are surprised that Intel opens the doors of the house to its “enemy”, and does so to create 64-bit ARM solutions. I think many of us saw it coming, since the mobile processor market opts for ARM, so Intel cannot keep looking the other way.

And of course this is a rumor, but Apple could become a client for Intel 64-bit ARM processors , so that this giant enters the ARM war with other manufacturers such as TSMC, UMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung, IBM or SMIC.